• Thursday, February 11, 2021

Dear ProxyFish customers,

We previously used blockchain's receiving payments API v2 as a gateway but for 7 days straight their API has stopped sending us callbacks that tell us that the confirmations for the transactions are complete. This lead to some customer's invoices not getting marked as paid, and despite many attempts to reach out to Blockchain and their API development team, we have never heard back. The pending payments were stuck in limbo as we waited for blockchain to tell us the confirmations were complete, but nothing! Many others who rely on Blockchain's API for the same purpose have expressed the same frustrations.

After realizing it's disrupting our clients too much - we have decided to move to a new payment gateway and hopefully as of February 11th, 2021, will be smooth for resuming paying in crypto currency. You can successfully check out and pay invoices with Bitcoin again!

Please do open a ticket if you have any issues or concerns.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for being a ProxyFish customer!

- Team ProxyFish