Residential Proxies released

Our new residential proxy product has been released and it features access to over 120M+ IPs. Our residential proxies have been in development for 3+ years and finally are ready for our users. Residential proxies come from real mobile devices and real PCs. They are perfect for a number of use cases including sneakers/footsites, retail, automation ... Read More »

5th Oct 2021
Residential Proxies System Update

Dear ProxyFish users,We are working on an update to our new internal module that will allow us to enhance the functionality of the products we offer. As a test of this new system, we will be offering a new product: residential proxies. We will offer two kinds of residential proxy plans: standard and premium. Each plan allows you to generate from ... Read More »

24th Sept 2021
New Crypto Payment Gateway - Bitcoin Payments accepted again!

Dear ProxyFish customers, We previously used blockchain's receiving payments API v2 as a gateway but for 7 days straight their API has stopped sending us callbacks that tell us that the confirmations for the transactions are complete. This lead to some customer's invoices not getting marked as paid, and despite many attempts to reach out to ... Read More »

11th Feb 2021
ProxyFish FireFox Extension - Works with SOCKS and HTTPS Proxies!

We are super happy to let our ProxyFish users know that the Firefox extension is finally finished and ready and inside the Mozilla Firefox Store. Our ProxyFish Firefox Addon allows you to use ANY of our private socks and https proxies automatically in your browser in just one click. We also offer a premium membership that offers additional proxies ... Read More »

12th Aug 2019
ProxyFish Chrome Browser Extension - One Click And You're Hidden!

It is with great announcement that we announce that our Chrome Extension is officially released on the Chrome Store. The Chrome extension offers over 20+ free locations for our customers. We are launching a premium membership which will feature 500+ different IPs for a single monthly cost. In addition to those servers, all of your ProxyFish ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2019
Free Public Proxy Server List

We know not everyone can afford to buy private proxies, so we offer a free public proxy list that we've gathered from around the web. The proxies are public proxy servers so please understand that they are not always reliable and often are slow and sometimes will time out. They are free public proxy servers for a reason. If you want reliability, ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2019
Free Web Proxy

Looking for a quick way to browse anonymously? Check out the all new free web proxy provided by ProxyFish. Simply enter the URL and click Go. Unlock any website with ease.

Check out the Free Web Proxy by ProxyFish

2nd Apr 2019
Bitcoin Payment Gateway Restored!

We have restored the Bitcoin Payment Gateway. Please note confirmations can take as little as 10-15 minutes, and sometimes up to 45 minutes depending on the network congestion (We have no control over that). If you have any issues and think your order is taking longer than it should to confirm, please open a support ticket and give us the bitcoin ... Read More »

4th Oct 2018