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Reduce your bans!

Private Socks Proxies for EpicBot

We guarantee our private socks proxies will work for EpicBot. Simply purchase a proxy of ours and and load it in the EpicBot Proxy Manager and reduce your bans today!
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We respectyour privacy

No Usage Logs!

We believe logging what our customers do is not the way to do business. We take your privacy very seriously.
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Gaming and Streaming encouraged

Game & Stream On!

A majority of our customers use our proxies for streaming online media (like Netflix) and playing online games. Get your game on!
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Works on all devices!

Desktop + Mobile!

Our proxies work on all major devices that support proxy support for SOCKS or HTTPS proxies!
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Our Services

We guarantee 100% that our private socks proxies will work for EpicBot!


Bypass Blocks

Get behind most blocks using proxies! Gaming, web browsing, or for streaming services like NetFlix, ProxyFish works!

Data Enctyption

We make sure your data is kept safe and intact. Your proxies are yours and yours only! Your information is private.


Stay stealth and make sure your browsing history isn't tracked by the world! ProxyFish keeps you safe!

Data Protection

High quality and safe proxies for your use. Our proxies are all elite anonymous proxies for your peace of mind!

Support Center

Round the clock support with fast proxy order delivery. We make it easy to get your proxies.

Works with many devices!

Our proxies work with many of the top software, including all major browsers, online games, and proxy supported applications!

No Logs

We do not log any of your proxy activity. Use them with comfort knowing you are safe from prying eyes.

Fast Proxies

Our proxies are some of the fastest offered! We take great pride in delivering proxies with excellent speed.

Bug Fixing

Having trouble? Let us know and we'll gladly help you out with any bugs you might encountering.

Safe Botting in RuneScape!

Reduce Chain Bans

It is well known that if you run bots off the same IP that they will be banned in a chain ban. A chain ban is when they may have caught one of your bots, but will ban them all since they’re all on the same IP. An IP number is like a home address – if they’re all the same, you know they’re the same person. A proxy allows you to change the IP you’re botting on so you can look like 5 different people if you purchased 5 proxies! You can pick any of our locations and look like you’re from a different part of the world. Our proxies are always private proxies and we have many subnets so you will always get unique IPs!

SOCKS proxies vs HTTPS Proxies

If you’re looking to bot in EpicBot or any other bot for that matter, SOCKS proxies are the ones you want! They are the only ones that will work for botting so please make sure you select SOCKS proxies instead of our HTTPS proxies. HTTPS proxies are generally meant for web browsers and you can use them with our authentication username and password combination or request for IP Authentication if you have a static IP! If you use the major browsers (firefox, google chrome, internet explorer), please request IP Authentication for HTTPS proxies by opening a support ticket.

Multiple Subnets & Locations

We provide many location options to pick from with multiple subnets for each location. A subnet is what dictates what the set of numbers your Proxy IP will have. Here at ProxyFish we have a lot of subnets which means your proxy IPs will be as varied as possible so they don’t look connected to each other. They won’t ever be sequential IPs and we always provide non-botted RuneScape proxies! You can even mix and match some locations if you choose to for an extra layer of security!

Our Best Sellers

For botting, you want to use our private socks proxy plans. Our best selling proxy packages are below from the best proxy company! Reduce your bans and bot with confidence!

5 SOCKS Proxies

5 SOCKS proxies from any of our locations, which include: West Coast (USA), East Coast (USA), Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and London!
From $16/per month
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10 SOCKS Proxies

10 SOCKS proxies from any of our locations, which include: West Coast (USA), East Coast (USA), Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and London!
From $30/per month
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15 SOCKS Proxies

15 SOCKS proxies from any of our locations, which include: West Coast (USA), East Coast (USA), Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and London!
From $45/per month
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How To Use Our Proxies on EpicBot!

Step 1: Open Client

Open up EpicBot and wait for the splash screen to load the EpicBot loader. Afterwards, take your EpicBot credentials and login to the EpicBot Loader Client and click the button that says Proxy Manager. If you want to run a lot of proxies (different IPs) with your EpicBot forum account, you will need to purchase EpicBot’s Premium Membership so you can run a lot more IP’s on your EpicBot account. The membership goes hand-in-hand with our bigger packages from 5 to 10 IPs and we strongly recommend you purchase it for botters who want to take their game to the next level.


If you do not have your EpicBot account login information, you can do a password request and contact their support. You can also buy their scripts and memberships with RuneScape gold starting 5/3/2016.

Add Your Proxy

Check your email for your proxies from us. If you did not receive them, open a support ticket from the Client Area. The proxies will be in the perfect format to copy and paste into EpicBot. The expected format is: The number before the : is the IP. The number after the : is the Port. EpicBot expects these to be together separated by a : just as we send them to you. Copy and paste, for example, into the first box when prompted after hitting “Add Proxy.” Next when asked Do you have authentication details? Click Yes and enter the Username and Password we have given to you along with your proxies in the email.

Afterwards, hit Save Settings and Close. This will bring you to the main EpicBot loader screen again. Proceed to the next step now that you have successfully added your private proxy from ProxyFish.

Launch EpicBot With Your Proxy

Lastly, you will need to go back to the EpicBot loader and you will see right above the “Open X Clients” button (it’s grey) you will see the word Proxy with a drop-down list of your added proxies. Please select the proxy you want to use for this client that you are about to open. Proceed to open the client by hitting the Open Button. This will load EpicBot with the given proxy you have added.


We only sell private socks proxies which means no one else will have the proxy IP you are botting from. Why is this important? Because if someone else has the same IP and they get banned it is possible you can get chain banned from that. This is why it’s not suggested to open too many accounts on the same IP. It is recommended to use different IPs for every 1-2 bots you want to run. This helps reduce the chain bans severely so you don’t lose your entire list of bots.


Happy Botting!

Our Guarantee

ProxyFish makes an effort to always abide by the highest quality standards in the business.


24/7/365 Support

We support our customers 365 days a year, 7 days a week. We take and process orders every day and make sure our customers are happy!

Best Bang For The Buck

We guarantee our proxies are cost-effective solutions for your needs. We accommodate most of our customers needs.

99.9% Uptime

Our proxies have amazing uptime. We always try to keep the fastest proxies in stock along with the most stable ones!

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