• Tuesday, April 2, 2019

It is with great announcement that we announce that our Chrome Extension is officially released on the Chrome Store. The Chrome extension offers over 20+ free locations for our customers. We are launching a premium membership which will feature 500+ different IPs for a single monthly cost. In addition to those servers, all of your ProxyFish private IPs show up on the server list under the column 'Private' - so now you can connect to your ProxyFish HTTPS proxies right in your chrome browser with no setup at all. Chrome doesn't support SOCKS5 proxies with username and password, so SOCKS5 proxies will not work at this time unless they are IP authenticated. We are working on a FireFox extension and that extension will support HTTPS and SOCKS5 private proxies with authentication because FireFox supports it just fine!

If you have private HTTPS Proxies with us, or want to change your IP for free to one of our servers in a single click on your Chrome browser, download the extension now.

Thanks for choosing ProxyFish!